About Railhouse Pub


s it explains in the history of Wright City, the original building where Railhouse Pub now sits was constructed prior to the fire started by the Union Militia. The site has been operated as a Saloon as early as the 1900’s. It has been told that at some time, the building was a hatchery hosting the claim of a large chicken embedded in the front walkway. We haven’t had the pleasure of locating this said chicken.

After the prohibition era ended in 1933, the building laid claim as one of the first liquor licenses issued and was open year round, becoming a favorite of locals and tourists alike. It has been a long standing saloon with many names, in later years also known as Dummies, Chaps, Hillbilly Heaven, Dano’s, and currently Railhouse Pub. John Schaefer bought the building in 2016.


he building was in dire need of a complete renovation, which was almost overlooked given the ability of simply construct a new building, but it seemed appropriate to keep the nostalgia of the much established setting.

John, along with several family members, and a few hand selected contractors set out to make the improvements. The updates lend a comfortable, distinctive ambiance for a casual, intimate or professional setting.

Cozy up and enjoy a nice meal and spirit. Railhouse Pub is a full service bar & restaurant open for lunch and dinner of American Fare, six days a week, all year round. We hope to achieve top recognition as a favorite dining experience and drinking hole, with great entertainment.

At Railhouse Pub, you’re always among friends, & “We maintain to establish a new future of Tradition”